Repair a cat-tree

They love it. They tore it to shreds. Now they’re scratching slivers of wood or carboard off. You don’t want to spend the cash for another one yet. – Repair it!

Cat tree needs repair

Need repair before tube gets shredded!

If they’ve ripped the carpet off, get out a screwdriver and prize off the rest of the carpet on the section – they’re normally attached with staples hidden in the nap of the carpet.

Prising old carpet off

Prise old carpet off with screwdriver

Figure out how much carpet you need and go to a carpet liquidator shop, or store that sells odds and ends of carpets. For a few bucks you can buy enough to fix the ripped parts.

Trim it to size; then staple it on.

Stapling new carpet onto cat-tree

Staple new carpet.

These days a lot of cheaper cat-trees have cardboard tubes for the legs, rather than wood. But you can still staple new carpet to those. If you don’t have a construction stapler use brads or adhesive.

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