Cat Walkways

After cat-trees and getting used to cats on the top of bookcases and cupboards, the next thing is walkways. My inspiration came from Bob Walker’s fabulous book ‘The Cats’ House’, which documents how they turned their house into a maze of high-level walkways for their cats.

book cover The Cats' House

The Cats' House by Bob Walker.

Once you realize that cats love to be up high for safety and the ability to see everything going on, it’s clear why most cats adore the Walkers system of ceiling-level feline paths. My first attempts were nothing like as artistic as theirs, but the cats loved them just the same.

Cat looks down from walkway

Cat looks down from ceiling-level walkway.

Later versions had stairs and sleeping places.
cat shelf

Cat shelf with stairs and sleeping barrel.

Bob Walker’s routing and finish jobs are much superior. My walkways tend to be fairly wide, partly because it’s easier to fix them to the wall than suspend them away from it. Cats can walk on very thin rails but turning around needs more space.
cats can walk along thin fence rails

Cat on a thin fence rail.

 My 2x8s are overkill, but the cats get room to lounge around on them!

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